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  • 2019 US National Show Location

    The 2018 & new 2019 BOD have worked together to select the location and judges for the 2019 US National Show. The show will be in October at the Westworld facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Angel Ribo and Nicholas Breaux-Fujita will be conferring judges.


    The inaugural Peruvian Trail Horse Certification event was hosted last weekend by Alice Wolf at JyW Coyote Ranch in Bryan, TX.   Prior to this event Devon Harrison was the first to  certify her gelding LEA Marco Polo at a Paso Fino clinic earlier this month.  Marco is the first Peruvian horse to be certified […]

  • Deep South Peruvian Horse Club Donates Funds to NAPHA


    Bill and Sharlane Clattenburg as representatives of the Deep South Peruvian Horse Club donated $11,000.00 to NAPHA to use for promotional purposes.

    NAPHA is looking for member input on how to use these funds for breed promotional use. Look for more details in the upcoming NAPHA newsletter that will be printed & mailed to all […]

  • NEW NAPHA Trail Horse Test

    Check out the information for the NEW NAPHA Trail Horse Test!

    NAPHA Trail Horse Test Program

     NAPHA is offering a test program to our members for their Peruvian Horses in conjunction with the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA). We are pleased to join our Paso Fino friends in their ongoing successful program which began last year and […]

  • 2017 NAPHA Joy of Riding Region High Point Winners

    Congratulations to the 2017 JOR High Hour Winners!

    2017 NAPHA Joy of Riding High Hour Winners
    Region 1: Lisa Bialy
    Region 2: Linda Anne West
    Region 5: Coral Stafford
    Region 6: Marsha Anderson (also High Hour Horse and Rider for the year)
    Region 8: Alice Wolf
    Region 9: Tina Mewhinney
    Region 11: Brenda Sessler
    Region 14: Bonnie Nicholson

  • 2016-2017 Membership Directory & Yearbook

    2017 Membership Directory & Yearbook Sign up Form
    NAPHA is excited to announce the 2016-2017 Membership directory & Yearbook! We will be producing a membership directory within a yearbook to highlight our national show winners, our Joy of Riding participants, our junior riders and other topics related to Peruvian horses.
    The directory will include all members/ranches currently on […]

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