New novel by Verne Albright

There are prominent references to Peruvian Paso horses in Verne Albright’s first published novel. You can preview this book FREE by clicking on the blue “READ THE FIRST 25 PAGES HERE!” button at:

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For a Limited Time, this book is available at a Special Reduced Price.


Henning Dietzel, at the urging of a Chilean prostitute named Encinas, investigates rumors of gold in California prior to the 1849 rush. Intrigued he heads to the Gold Country to stake his claim. When others flee a brutal winter, Henning perseveres, and by the time the Forty-Niners arrive, he’s already a wealthy young man.

His saga is a sweeping tale of fortune and misfortune, discovery and tragedy, love and loss. From the backwaters and boardrooms of early San Francisco to malaria infested jungles and a guano island off the coast of Peru, Henning’s search for meaning and purpose eventually brings him to realize that all that glitters is not necessarily gold.

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