The Recreational Rider (RR) committee is a standing NAPHA committee for the welfare of NAPHA members who participate in Recreational Activities. The Recreational Rider Committee includes the Committee Chair, Recreational Riding Committee Chair, Trail Horse Certification Program Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, and two or three other working committee members.

The mission of this committee is to:

  1. Identify and develop recreational programs for NAPHA that meet the needs and interests of its members.
  2. Educate NAPHA members, non-members and new owners of Peruvian horses about NAPHA’s recreational programs and activities.
  3. Monitor and evaluate NAPHA recreational programs in order to endure maximum benefits and participation.
  4. Encourage member participation in interbreed and inter sport activities.
  5. Represent recreational rider members’ interests to the NAPHA Board of Directors.

Recreational Rider Committee Members

Tina Mewhinney

Committee Chair

Marissa Humphreys

Recreational Riding Coordinator/Chair

Chelsey Van Hulle- Schnaal

Awards Coordinator

Kerry McGinley

Social Media Coordinator

Jackie Green

Committee Member

Heidi Opdyke

Board Liaison to the Committee