In recognition of the importance of our Novice exhibitors, the BOD and the Rules Committee have proposed the change below to the Rule & Regulations.   This would allow all novice riders to be eligible for the annual high point award to be presented at the national show. The Rules Committed and BOD will review comments and then make the final decision/adjustments at the August meeting.

Novice riders must be a member of NAPHA and in good standing in order to qualify for this award. Points will be counted in all classes restricted to Novice exhibitors at NAPHA approved shows. Novice riders are responsible for completing and turning in the appropriate NAPHA Novice Declaration Form each year prior to the first show exhibitor is competing in. Points to be calculated per NAPHA rules and regulations and awarded to the rider.

The feedback/comment period is now open.  Comments should be sent via email to Becky Oley
by August 5, 2024.

Paul Opdyke
NAPHA President