My name is Pam Castaneda, I am your newly elected board member.

I have been involved with our wonderful Peruvian horse for 20+ years. I got my start working for Mewhinney’s Rocking M ranch and enjoyed 11 great years with them, being taught by some of the best breeders and trainers from Peru and the United States, before starting my own training center in 2001.

I am happily married to a fellow Peruvian trainer and mom to a Jr. rider.

After years making my living with Peruvian horses as a trainer, exhibitor, owner, and now breeder, I feel I have a very good understanding of what is important to members in all aspects of NAPHA’s workings.

I also have experience training and showing other breeds, and knowledge of how their organizations run, which also allows me to bring some fresh ideas to NAPHA. I encourage you all to express your wishes and ideas to NAPHA. We need to hear them all because YOU, the members, ARE NAPHA, not just a Board of Directors. It takes all of us to keep this machine working.

Thanks to you all for your votes and your confidence in me to represent you. I am here to hear YOU!

Pamela Castenada
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