As we have all been sheltered in place and most of our regional shows have been cancelled, NAPHA has created a virtual show. Our members and new attendees can film their rides in their own arenas or any areas that will accommodate the video instructions and cone patterns. Some of you may be able to get together and enjoy the preparation time. NAPHA encourages all to follow the current guidelines of social distancing and face masks as necessary or as required.

Riders can present multiple horses in each class for classes #1-8, I.E. Rider A has 4 Mares to show in Breeding, the same Rider A is allowed to show/ride all 4 mares.  Novice Equitation and Junior Performance, riders can only enter once with one horse.

Please see the below patterns and example video to give you an idea of how the video should be filmed. 

Anyone can participate whether or not they are a NAPHA member or participate in shows. We encourage anyone with a registered Peruvian horse to join in, have some fun and enjoy the ride. This competition is open to registered Peruvian horses anywhere in the world! The classes will be shown on social media for our global audience to enjoy. This is great opportunity to showcase and promote our wonderful breed!


  • Current NAPHA Members – $20 per class
  • * Non-Members – $30 per class
  • If you wish to join our national organization, please use our online process at ($70 annual membership)
  • $10 Per Class – One-on-one Judge written review (after show). This is intended for people to have an opportunity to communicate with one of the judges about how they performed.


Registration and Sponsorship deadline: extend to June 23rd.

Register Online Here


  1. Geldings Bozal
  2. Mares Bozal
  3. Colts Bozal
  4. Geldings Luxury
  5. Mares Breeding
  6. Stallions Breeding
  7. Open Performance Horse
  8. Amateur Performance
  9. Novice Equitation
  10. Juniors 12 & Under – Performance
  11. Juniors 13 & Over – Performance

Winners will also receive additional recognition:

  • There will be one winner for each virtual class and awards will be mailed to all of the recipients.
  • Winners will be highlighted on NAPHAs social media platforms and website.
  • Winning videos will be played on the U.S. National show webcast from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September, 25, 26 & 27, 2020
  • Winners will be able to submit a photo for inclusion in the U.S. National Show program.


Other than a base requirement of boots, pants & a long sleeve shirt, attire for the virtual show is open. Our basic attire of white pants and a white, long sleeve shirt is suggested, but not required. Peruvian tack is preferred but, also not required. Horses must be under saddle, with bit or bozal (according to class). All Juniors 12 & Under competing in any classes, are required to wear a helmet. No ponchos allowed in Novice Equitation.


ALL PHONES USED FOR THE VIDEO, MUST BE HELD IN THE HORIZONTAL POSITION AND VERY STEADY. Any videos submitted that are taken with the phone held vertically will be automatically rejected! Due date for all videos is June 23rd, 2020.

These instructions are very important so that your video(s) is acceptable quality. All videos must be current. Those that do not meet these quality standards or exceed the time limits, may have their videos rejected. No refunds will be given if videos are not submitted in correct format.





These classes will be judged for 15 seconds in each direction including the reverse, for a strict total of 30 seconds. Videos should be submitted starting to the left for 15 seconds, and then to the right for 15 seconds. Videos CAN be edited together.  The videographer should be approximately 35’ off of the “rail” (and positioned in the middle of the 15’ second lap.) Begin the video with the horse moving from the left of the camera to the right. Make the turn and return on the same path for another 15 seconds. Please do not submit any video in excess of 30 seconds, to avoid the risk of rejection.

Please be aware of grass or sand that is too deep to properly show the movement of the horse.


Performance classes will be held to a strict 60 seconds or less. Please do not not submit any video in excess of 60 seconds, to avoid the the risk of rejection.

In the diagram below, the rider will begin in a standing position in front of the first of 6 cones. (Please note the required measurements between all of the cones.)

As filming begins:

  • 5 steps back and then immediately move forward
  • One circle to the right around first positioned cone
  • Proceed through next four cones in a serpentine. Cones should be a distance of 12 feet apart.
  • Last cone, one circle to the left
  • As you exit the last cone you should be to the left of the cone pattern with videographer to your left. (No cones between you & camera). Proceed in gait back to the starting point. Video should end as horse passes the start cone.




Any tack & attire is acceptable and absolutely no show experience is necessary. You may also enter any class on the list. No ponchos allowed.

Approximate distance should be 200 feet or less. This will be *UP TO* 60 second video (will likely take less time, no videos over 60 seconds will be accepted). The videographer should be positioned approximately 35 feet from the path of the rider.  Starting from left to right and midway into the first side (in front of videographer), rider is to make one circle to the left, reverse and midway (again, in front of the videographer), make a circle to the right and complete the path.


Danell Adams – California
Lucho Dapelo – Texas
Mimi Busk-Downey – Canada
Fernando Risso – Peru
Jose Vasquez  – Washington


Judging will be done a bracket style for classes 1-8 (Bozal, Breeding & Performance), similar to March Madness sports brackets. Brackets will be done in groups of 3-4 (depending on number of entries received), and horses will be ordered and grouped according to age for the first set of brackets. Judges will place horses in order 1-4, and First and Second places will move on to the next brackets. This will continue into semi-finales & then a final bracket of 2.

Novice Equitation & Junior Performance will be judged in normal placings.

NAPHAs conflict of interest rules for judges for the virtual show:

  • Judges may not judge a horse owned or ridden by themselves in that bracket of entries.
  • Judges may not judge a horse ridden by a family member in that bracket of entries.
  • Judges may not judge a horse they have sold in the past 6 months.

We look forward to your participation! If you have any questions, please contact any member of the virtual show committee:

Danell Adams –  [email protected]
Edie Gandy –  [email protected]
Kelly Powers – [email protected] 
Chelsey Schaal – [email protected]
Jose Vasquez  –  [email protected] 

Instructional Video & Examples

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Anyone Participate?

YES! Anyone, anywhere in the world with a *REGISTERED* Peruvian horse can participate. They do not have to be registered with NAPHA, only registered in their country.

If the owner is not currently a NAPHA member, the class fee will be $30 per class entry vs. $20. We encourage everyone to join NAPHA!

We especially want to encourage people who don’t have a chance to participate in our NAPHA shows due to distance to participate in our Cyber Show! Many breeds and disciplines are moving to an online show format due to current conditions because of COVID-19, but if this is successful we may be able to adopt it for the future if we have good participation. This is a fun activity to share your horses online with the world, and great promotion!

What if I don't have a Peruvian saddle or bridle? Or whites?

It’s OK! NAPHA rules have always allowed for multiple types of tack to be used in our shows. This is not a “show” of the traditional sense. Horse must be under saddle, but any saddle or bridle can be used. Bozal classes require a bozal as headgear, all other classes require a bit. Full headgear is not required.

I don’t have whites? Can I participate?

YES! Whites are encouraged, but not required. Requirements are long sleeved shirt & pants. Juniors under 12 are required to wear a helmet (same as in regular NAPHA show rules). Ponchos are NOT required in any class, and are prohibited in Novice Equitation class.

I only have a phone to film with - is that ok?


All latest smart phone have the capability of filming a video of enough quality to use for these videos. (Our example video was filmed on a iPhone 8).

The most important thing is to film HORIZONTAL with good lighting – the horses should be all in the sun, not in shade or in and out of shade or shadows. POINT THE CAMERA AWAY FROM THE SUN! Try to film with the sun at the back of the camera person, and earlier or later in the day for best light IE not mid day.

Hold your phone in landscape/horizontal format, NOT vertical. Vertical videos will NOT be accepted.


I don't have cones? Is that ok?


Use anything you like  – they are just markers! Buckets, stirrups, flowers, firewood….don’t worry!

2020 NAPHA Cyber Show Sponsorships

We are offering several levels of sponsorships for the 2020 NAPHA Cyber Show! This is a great way to show your support for NAPHA and its activities.

Bracket (Class) Sponsorships: $20

Sponsor a a bracket within a class! Bracket sponsorships are $20 each and will show your name & or business/ranch logo at the end of each bracket. A bracket consists of a section of 4 horses within each class.

Gold Cyber Sponsor: $350

The Gold Cyber Sponsorship includes a 30 second commercial (provided by sponsor) to be run at least 15 times throughout the show &/or promotions of the show. Logo/Name promotions will also be included in brackets.

Silver Cyber Sponsor: $250

The Silver Cyber Sponsorship includes a 30 second commercial (provided by sponsor) to be run at least 10 times throughout the show &/or promotions of the show. Logo/Name promotions will also be included in brackets.

Bronze Cyber Sponsor: $150

The Bronze Cyber Sponsorship includes a 15 second commercial (provided by sponsor) to be run at least 7 times throughout the show &/or promotions of the show. Logo/Name promotions will also be included in brackets.

Trophy Cyber Sponsor: $SOLD – Rancho Chahuchu, Joy Redman

The Trophy Cyber Sponsorship is for all trophies of the Cyber show. Logo/Name promotions will also be included in brackets.

Sponsor Online Here