I hereby apply for a NAPHA judging card or student judge renewal with the North American Peruvian Horse Association, using my previous experience as a NAPHA approved judge or student judge in good standing, as a recommendation of my ability to preside over a horse show event.

I have read the NAPHA rules and Code of Ethics and I will utilize my best efforts to abide by these precepts. I understand that to retain a NAPHA Judge’s card I must pay the required fee annually or must continue to be a member in good standing of NAPHA, and submit this application on an annual basis, due by February 28 of each calendar year.

I understand that to remain on the list of “active judges” I must, at least once every three years: a) judge a show approved by NAPHA or the PHAC, or b) judge a Peruvian horse show held outside North America, provided it is approved by the association of its country, or c) complete an entire NAPHA or PHAC approved show working in the position of Ring Steward, or d) attend a judging seminar approved by the NAPHA Judges’ Accreditation Committee (whether held in person or as an attendance-verified on-line web conference).

I understand that if I remain on the “inactive judges” list for five years, my card will expire and to renew it I must take the judges' test with a passing grade and student judge or ring steward two entire NAPHA or PHAC approved shows.

I understand that approved shows may use exhibitor’s confidential report cards and show committee reports to assess judges and that any such information will be maintained in my file at the JAC office and may be shared with show committee officials and I make this application in full knowledge that when acting in the capacity of judge, my behavior will be the subject of scrutiny.

I agree that I will judge according to the rules of the sanctioning body of the shows; and that my deportment when acting as a show official will be in accordance with the rules and ethics of NAPHA, in addition to being courteous and respectful toward exhibitors and show officials.

I certify that I have never been convicted of a felony, or of any charge relating to cruelty to animals, and have not been in violation of the Horse Protection Act as a suspendee. I certify that I have not been suspended or sanctioned from any Peruvian Horse Association in any country in the past 5 years.

I certify that this information is true, and I understand that providing false information on this application will result in immediate and permanent removal of my card as a NAPHA judge.

Equine judging cards / licenses (current or previous, include steward cards)

List Judge’s schools or clinics recently attended