Let me introduce you to the newest resident of Lone Star Horse Center…….

I need another horse like a hole in my head, so when I got a call about this boy that badly needed a place to be, my first thought was to say no…..But something was really tugging at me to say yes. I really felt like God was calling on me to help.

Rescued Peruvian Horse Viajero

Rescued Peruvian Horse Viajero, Right Side

So, here he is! He arrived at 9:30pm Friday January 7th, all the way from Colorado. I have a lot of work to do, but he seems to be a sweet boy and looks to have potential. He is 3 1/2 , not yet registered, but thanks to NAPHA for excusing penalties on rescue horses, he soon will be. I will register his name as VIAJERO, “Traveler”.

Thanks to the Horse Rescue group that took Traveler in, and a HUGE Thanks to Sharon LaPierre for helping to orchestrate his “adoption” and transport here to Texas.

Peruvian Horse Rescue Viajero

Left side view of Viajero when he was rescued by Pam.

I am excited to see how he will turn out and I will post updates on his progress!
Someone told me once that I couldn’t save all the animals in the world…..No, but I can save this one, and it will mean the world to him!

Pam Castaneda
Lone Star Horse Center