Minutes for NAPHA National Member Meeting

Westview Farms
March 31, 2017
Call to Order
The National meeting of NAPHA was held on March 31, 2017 by conference call. It began at 9:36 am with President Chris Austin presiding and Tina Mewhinney as secretary.
Members in attendance: Kathleen Morrison, David Averette, Chris Austin, Tina Mewhinney, Larry Underwood, Joline Hahn, Kerrie Justice and Andrew Andreasen, Jim and Barbara Alexander, Horacio and Mary Kay Santos, Darla Austin,
Susan Raasch, and Gene Pepe.
This was an open forum meeting. Chris Austin began by sharing NAPHA Board of Directors information and asked for input. The members provided a list of issues and ideas which generated action items. The current board was introduced. Chris then gave a financial review of the year and ideas for a strategic plan. Members helped generate action items for that plan. Tina Mewhinney presented a proposed plan for board help with drug testing and a trail horse certification program. David Averett announce a potential national show title sponsor, who made a presentation the following day.
1. Develop a strategic plan
2. Rejuvenate Regional Advisory Council
3. Identify partnership opportunity with Regional Clubs – promotional materials
a. Promotional items
b. Fundraising opportunity
c. Support regional shows
Ideas Generated by Attendees
1. Action Item: Communication – make calls, survey for National Show judge for those who participated over the last two years and how many horses do you bring – BOD calls 10 people, transparency. Use Naomi for calls.
2. President of Clubs believe they are not represented by NAPHA and not invited on RAC calls (Joline) Copper State ad Wine Country clubs do not have enough money, wants printed NAPHA brochure
3. Need to reorganize – raise dues to $100 to get money for breed promotion
4. Advertising – NAPHA TV and Webcast of National Show – Use a broadcaster that knows the breeders, where the horse came from and what classes are about. Aura, Kelly, and/or Shawna Bloom.
Action Item: National Show – Katy, Texas? Central to all. Needs food music and Drinks- event planning group. Difference in Peru is food, music, drinks, and fun. Event planning group Peruvian feast. $10 per entry. Need to bring people from outside. The event happens to have horses. Facility to find own food and alcohol. Santos will organize 2018 show.
Action Item: Storage units – step one is to reduce the amount of storage from two to one unit. Then consider scanning all the documents in the storage units.
Current Board
Chris Austin- President, Carolyn Mittrick 1st VP, Kathleen Morrison 2nd VP, David Averette Treasurer, Tina Mewhinney (elected this year), Secretary, Pam Castenada (appointed), Ernesto Sandigo (appointed).
Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
The report was presented by Chris.
• NAPHA has had a strong year financially – the largest income since 2010. More registrations and and memberships. We ended with the same amount of cash and we are debt free.
• The National show netted $37,000 with the $10,000 sponsorship we received for moving our dates ($27,000 without the special sponsorship). Membership meeting netted $1200. Gene Pepe sponsored the membership card. Kelly putting together annuario for 2016. We have covered the cost of the cookbooks and the remaining 800 books will be profit.
• The Breeder’s group donated $8000 to be used for promotion.
• Potential expense reductions – Storage unit is necessary but we want to reduce from two units to one. The largest line item is 40% of the total income and is for payroll.
Strategic plan for 3-5 years- Chris Austin
• Supporting and Partnering with Regional Clubs (ex. Promotional packets at shows)
Promotional materials –
Action Item: Andrew will develop a new brochure. Jim Alexander will send Andrew an old brochure to put into OCR do that a new brochure can generated for the NAPHA sites. For more info and list ranches and clubs on a website for a fee.
ü Give shows brochures to hand off
o Time to Ride Program – Tina to send Andrew information she received
o Discovery Farms – farms are willing to put people on horses – describe program. Action Item Larry Underwood is Chair of the Discovery program and will contact farms to see who is willing to participate.
o Fund Raising
Action Item: Consider raising dues $30 but put all increase toward advertising
ü Gift basket competition for regional clubs for silent auction at Nationals
ü Cookbook profit sharing and put in Expo packages to sell
Action Item: Develop brochures and produce for clubs for shows and expos
Action Item: Need a newer promotional video – to do with Breeder’s donated money- possibly you tube videos – Melissa to do – doing all kinds of things including the Spanish language – Peruvian Horse lineage
o Social media posts from NAPHA – National newsletter to members cc to RAC and bcc to member
Action Item: Larry Underwood will propose to RAC – time zones or region show Zones – 4 RAC Regions and the club presidents as stated on Jan 1 become voting members
o Expansion of the Joy of Riding program (ex. trail horse test) –
Action Item: Tina Mewhinney to reach out to join Paso Fino – and send to Larry – juniors
o Futurity there is not enough interest by the members at this time.
Proposed Drug Testing Assistance – Tina Mewhinney
• To assist regional clubs in drug testing at shows by streamlining process, make testing consistent and less costly and to aid in interpretation of results
• NSAIS $100 and full test $175 includes followup confirmational testing and storage included
Action Item: Tina Mewhinney to send information on how to participate in this drug testing program to Larry Underwood for dissemination to Club Presidents
National Sponsorships – David Averette
• Buckeye Nutrition – Gro N Win can be fed to any horse and foal and is low in sugar and starch as a ration balancer. It is a quality line that reduces the amount of feed you use. They are a possible National Show Title Sponsorship and possible branding with NAPHA – the National show Title Sponsorship is $10,000. The representative Natalie will be at the clinic tomorrow.
Action Item: David Averette will send Larry Underwood information on Buckeye to members.
• Pisco World – is a potential sponsor. National winners will receive a bottle of Pisco and champagne
class will be a pisco class. Possible branding of a NAPHA bottle with Pisco. Action Item: Mary Kay Santos is investigating a Pisco tasting in the show hotel.

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