New Board of Directors Members

The NAPHA election results for the three positions on the Board of Directors, is complete. We are pleased to announce that our members have voted in David Averette, Chris Austin and Kathleen Morrison. These are for three year terms.

We would sincerely like to thank all of our nominees for their interest and participation in this process.

With the passing of Larry Redman, Ernesto Sandigo was appointed by the BOD to fill this loss.


  • NAPHAAdmin


    What was the total number of votes cast and did that number reach a quorum?

  • NAPHAAdmin


    For a mail ballot, a particular ballot return rate (quorum) is not required. All members are getting a chance to vote, so the distribution of ballots is 100%. A quorum is required when taking a binding vote at a meeting, by Roberts Rules and most associations’ by-laws.

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