Peruvian Horse World Directory and 2014 NAPHA Anuario

The NAPHA Board of Directors is excited to announce the NEW Peruvian Horse World (PHW) Directory and the year-end anuario. This new publication will cover the 2014 NAPHA U.S. National Show and many other exciting topics to be published and mailed out to members early next year. This new member benefit will include information on the Joy of Riding Program, some of the accomplishments of our trail riding community, a membership list and more. You can help support this publication with sponsorships to help NAPHA cover costs and promote our horses.

The board of directors is always seeking ways to enhance our promotion of the Peruvian horse and create a better experience for the people who love the breed. The new PHW Directory is designed to give breeders, stallion owners, tack sellers, horse owners and other supporters of our breed the perfect target market for advertising. Not only are all of the visitors at PHW Peruvian horse enthusiasts, they are also visiting from different parts of the world. NAPHA members will receive a discount on all advertising.

Several advertising packages are available for purchase. You don’t have to buy advertising to participate and take advantage of the online directory. The advertising option not only helps you reach your target market, it creates a level playing field for breeders of all sizes and scope. Whether you are a well-established breeder, just getting started in the breed, or have a Peruvian horse to sell, you will get phenomenal exposure to your target audience — Peruvian horse people!

The funds generated from advertising creates new revenue and better financial stability for NAPHA. It decreases our reliance on revenue from the annual National Show, which improves our financial stability despite economic fluctuations and location choice of that show. It also creates a budget for NAPHA to advertise the Peruvian horse on a larger scale, thereby developing more recognition of the Peruvian horse breed and more exposure to your ads in PHW.

Let’s not stop there — the NAPHA board of directors wants to have MORE member benefits for you; we want some of the money collected from your advertising to create new programs, for trail riding, education opportunities, etc. You tell us what you want!

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