The New Year is off and running!  Following our annual reorganization meeting, we are excited about the potential of 2024.  We see this time as an opportunity for a ‘restart’– an affirmation of some key principles and actions as to how we operate.   

Your Board of Directors 

We are seven individuals, elected and appointed, that donate our time and talents without compensation to promote and support our wonderful breed with only the best of intentions. 

Membership Driven 

We are committed to being a membership-driven organization as a basic principle. 

Easier Said Than Done 

We find ourselves dealing with differing perspectives: regional and national, show and pleasure riding, traditions and change and more.  The continuing decline in members, exhibitors and clubs/shows has only amplified these dynamics.  The resulting conflicts have been significant distractions from our core purpose:  To promote and grow our breed in the United States.  Starting with the BOD, we all must be sure to be really listening and treating each other with dignity and respect as we seek to find the balance of differing viewpoints.   

Call to Action 

The ‘restart’ to change our organizational trajectory needs all of us, not just seven individuals on a monthly Zoom call.  Active participation in the newly redesigned Advisory Council or volunteering for a committee/task group is a key component.   

To be successful going forward, your BOD wants and needs your active engagement to begin charting our journey forward! 

Listing of BOD members

  • President – Paul Opdyke 
  • 1st Vice President – Edie Gandy 
  • 2nd Vice President – Juvy Pina
  • Treasurer – Bonnie Gallegos 
  • Secretary – Silvia Gomez-Silva 
  • Director – Luis Dapelo
  • Director – Mike Powers


Thank you,

Paul Opdyke

2024 NAPHA President


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