Pandemic, politics, no in-person shows – this is a year unlike any other. I feel like we’ve entered the 10 th year of 2020, not the 10 th month. I am already looking forward to a happier 2021. At this point, we are planning next year’s budget based on having in-person shows again. The entire board is very thankful for the way our membership has pulled together to support new events like our first online auction and our two cyber shows. This has also been a great year for Joy of Riding – please be sure to log all of your hours on your registered Peruvian horse to be eligible for all the great prizes that program offers.

Thanks for Supporting Cyber Show II

To everyone who took part in and contributed to this show as an exhibitor, sponsor or volunteer, our very sincere thanks. We had more than 130 entries, including 15 in our new Trail division.

You can find full results here. You can watch all of the classes on our NAPHA YouTube channel.

Congratulations to our winners:

Mares Breeding: WF Afrodita, owned by Westview Farms
Stallions Breeding: BDS Doménico, owned by Paradise Ranch
Luxury Gelding: WF Ensueño, owned by Westview Farms
Colts Bozal: DrB Afición, owned by Gail Benson
Fillies Bozal: JVZ Salteña, owned by Gail Benson and Jack Zehren
Geldings Bozal: DVP As de Oro, owned by Robin James
Pisos: WF Afrodita, owned by Westview Farms
Open Performance: BKA Pretoriano, owned by Jody Childs
Amateur Performance: DJG Mirasol, owned by Robin and Lacey James
Amateur Breeding: Gubernador DR, owned by Trish Palmer
Trail: Soldado de Dios, owned by Jody Childs
Novice Equitation: Court Loeffler
Novice Performance: Court Loeffler
Juniors 12 & Under Performance: Asa Ahr
Juniors 13 & Over Performance: Ava Mann
Juniors 12 & Under Equitation: Chiara Austin
Juniors 13 & Over Equitation: Ava Mann

Please be on the lookout for a brief survey about the cyber show. We’d really appreciate your feedback in the comments section to help us improve this evolving venue for promoting our horses.

Nominate and Vote for the Empty Board Seat

Nominations for one seat on the NAPHA Board of Directors are due by October 31. Ballots will follow in November.  Thank you to everyone who has been sending in nominations.  It is exciting to see the number of people willing to be a part of the NAPHA board to help promote the Peruvian horse.

Horses and Halloween – Enter our Online Costume Contest

We’re hosting a costume contest on Facebook. Send your photo of you and your horse dressed up for Halloween by Oct. 31. We’ll post all the photos on our Facebook page in a photo gallery Nov. 1 and leave them up for “likes” (votes) until Nov. 5. Highest number of “likes” by Nov. 5 wins a beautiful belt buckle. Send your photos to [email protected] or via Facebook messenger to the NAPHA Facebook page. Free entry!

Horse Illustrated Features Peruvians

Be sure to pick up the November issue of Horse Illustrated, which includes an article on our breed, photos of members and their horses, and a full-page ad for NAPHA featuring sponsoring ranches. Thank you to Kerry McGinley, Edie Gandy and Kelly Powers for working to ensure the breed was well-represented in a leading magazine with a national audience of more than 200,000. If you would like your ranch listed in a future ad for $125, please email Naomi Scull at [email protected]

Gearing up for the Holidays with Another Auction

Get ready to bid!  We will be holding another online auction to give you a chance to get some great holiday gifts.  If you have items to donate, please contact Joy Larsen-Ritter at
[email protected]

NAPHA Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

Following in the hoof prints of our two successful cyber shows and auctions, we’re taking the annual meeting online. We hope to see you on Zoom Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. EST. We are still working on the details, so please watch for email, Facebook and website updates. I’d also appreciate hearing from you about what topics/issues we should discuss. Please email me at [email protected] or email [email protected] with your thoughts.

I hope you continue to enjoy your horses over the course of a safe and happy autumn!

Mark Renn
NAPHA Board of Directors

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