Recreational Rider Peruvian Horse Versatility Award
Program Coordinator: Jody Childs

The NAPHA Recreational Rider Versatility Award is earned by member riders of NAPHA registered Peruvian horses or part-blood registered Peruvians for participation in events that promote the Peruvian horse and the breed’s versatility beginning January 2022. Multiple horses may be used by the rider and the rider does not have to own the participating horses. The award will be a custom silver belt buckle with the Napha logo. 

The rider may earn this award by accumulating 10 points in 3 years in diverse riding activities. He or she must complete a minimum of five events with point values of one or two points. All events must be officially organized and recognized events. 

Riders will enroll for their points to count annually at $10. The rider will print a form from the Recreational Rider section of the NAPHA website and take it to the event. To qualify the form should be signed by the event chairman, secretary or manager and mailed by the rider shortly after the event. NAPHA will use 

these activities for social media promotion and rider recognition. Photos are strongly encouraged and may be emailed to the coordinator. 

When the rider has qualified for the award by accumulating and reporting 10 points to the coordinator, the rider may petition the program coordinator for the belt buckle. All award winners will be announced in the NAPHA news and on the NAPHA Facebook page. 

Activities which earn one point per event day are: 

  1. Gymkhana 
  2. Cattle sorting 
  3. Poker ride 
  4. Multi-breed show 
  5. Open show 
  6. Hunter Pace event 
  7. Roping 
  8. Trail Obstacle competition 
  9. Mountain Trail event 

10.Ranch riding


12.Mounted Shooting 


The following will earn two points per event: 

  1. Overnight trail ride 
  2. Parade 
  3. Breed demonstration/exhibition 
  4. Open house 
  5. Endurance competition 
  6. County or state fair exhibition 
  7. Community event 
  8. Educational clinic 
  9. Foxhunting 

These are not all of the possible qualifying events. Please contact the program coordinator to apply for recognition of events not listed.

Click Here for Points Submission Form