Advisory Council Representatives are elected by the NAPHA members of 15 geographic regions throughout the U.S. When the terms expire and elections are held the new terms will be for three years. Newly elected RAC’s are seated January 1, following their electionas possible if run-off elections push the or as soon elected date past January 1.


To provide regional representation for members, so that there is communication between the Board of Directors of NAPHA and its members. To provide support and assistance to the Board of Directors as it provides the leadership for NAPHA.

It is the role of the Board of Directors to establish the strategic direction of the organization and to make final strategic decisions. The Advisory Council serves to offer support and recommendations from the Association members and clubs to the various committees, to the Board of Directors and to provide information to assist in decision-making.


Membership in the Advisory Council shall consist of a representative from each qualified NAPHA club. The representative may be the club’s president or other member of the club elected by club members to represent the club on the Advisory Council. 

For areas of the country that do not have an active or recognized NAPHA club, or such NAPHA member is not a member of any recognized club, an advisory representative for the area shall be elected by the Advisory Council from a list of volunteers to act as the representative for that area and shall have all rights and duties as any other Advisory Council member. (See Article 6.1 – Election of At Large Advisory Council member.)


  1. Provide advice and counsel on issues raised by the Board of Directors or NAPHA members 
  2. Facilitate communication between the organization’s Board of Directors, the organizations various clubs, the            organizations committee’s and the members of the organization to include providing club information for the NAPHA Newsletter. 
  3. Assist in the implementation of various NAPHA projects and initiatives. 
  4. Share insights and ideas, including methods for encouraging and supporting membership growth in their respective locations. 
  5. Offer ideas and recommendations to improve organizational efficiency and overall effectiveness. 
  6. Assist the organization in setting priorities and establishing goals. 
  7. Participate in annual planning activities. 
  8. Poll their members and/or clubs or committee’s in response to information requested by the Board of Directors on various issues of concern to the organization. 
  9. Provide input and suggestions on ways to improve regional and national shows and other NAPHA-sponsored activities. 
  10. Provide recommendations for members of the various NAPHA committees. 
  11. Assist in orchestrating open houses or other publicity/public relations events to introduce others to the Peruvian Horse. 
  12. Recommend the potential locations and dates of the National Show for approval by the Board of Directors. 
  13. Recommend a list of judges for the National Show from which the Board of Directors will choose the judge(s) for the National Show 

(Amended 1-1-2024)

Advisory Council Areas of Responsibility.

The Board of Directors shall divide the geographic area served by NAPHA into three (3) areas of the country. The configuration of areas shall be designated with a view towards providing a reasonably equitable geographic and proportional representation relative to the distribution and population of Owner Members. Evaluation and updating of areas will be done once every three years.
(Amended 1-1-2024)

West Area

Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada

West Representative:     

Open as of 6-1-24

Central Area

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakoda, South Dakoda, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana

Central Representative:  

Jim La Rue
Osceola, WI 54020
(715) 294-3897
Email: [email protected]

East Area

All States east of the Mississippi

East Representative:

Lori Harrison
Newberry, FL
Email: [email protected]

Advisory Council Chair: Danell Adams – Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club

Co-Chair: per By-laws – NAPHA President – Paul Opdyke
Board Liaison: Mike Powers

Current Club Representatives:

Leigh Anderson – Centennial State Peruvian Horse Club
Elizabeth Potof – Copper State Peruvian Paso Club
Joy Gould – Southern California Peruvian Horse Club
Kathleen Morrison – Northeast Peruvian Horse Club
Mike Moszer – Northern Lights Peruvian Horse Club
Pete Arnold – Sooner State Peruvian Horse Club
Penny Clayton – Northwest Peruvian Horse Club
Donny Hurwitz – Camino Real Peruvian Horse Club
Sylvia Gomez-Silva – Southeastern Peruvian Horse Club