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Show Forms:

Show Approval Process

Complete instructions for getting your show approved. This information will answer all of your questions concerning setting up a horse show with NAPHA. How to get the maximum points for your show. The deadlines for filing your paperwork, judge selection, drug testing and fees involved.

The following forms are for use in reserving show dates on the NAPHA Show Events Calendar, and for applying for show approval.

Application for Show Approval
Keyboard Entry Application For Show Approval
Use this form to get approval of a show.
This form must be filed 120 days prior to your show date
and must be accompanied by application fee.

Reserve a Show Date & Location
Keyboard Entry Reserve a Show Date & Location
Use this form to request reservation of a date and location.
This form should be filed at least five (5) months prior to show date.

Instructions for Drug Testing
This sheet will provide you detailed information on the NAPHA
requirements for drug testing

Show Management’s Evaluation Form
Keyboard Entry Show Management’s Evaluation Form
Reports the composite opinion of the Show Committee for the show.

Show Secretary Forms:

Agent Authorization Form
Keyboard Entry Agent Authorization Form

Collection Request
Keyboard Entry Collection Request

Contract for Judge/Steward
Keyboard Entry Contract for Judge/Steward

Grievance Form

Junior High Point Form

Medical Info for Exhibitors

Membership Application

Report – Exhibitor Card

Report – Horse

Report – Member Card

Show Judge Report Form

Show Steward Report Form

Show Vet’s Report Form

Student Judge Evaluation Form

Student Show Steward Evaluation Form

Student Ring Steward Evaluation Form

Add Sheets

Change Sheets

Scratch Sheets

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