Junior Scholarship Program

NAPHA offers a $1,000 scholarship annually for Junior and Senior High School students entering a four-year college. Applicants must be members of NAPHA. Applications must be postmarked by July 31 of each year.


NAPHA Junior Scholarship

1. Allow junior members of all ages participate in the Junior Scholarship Program. Juniors of all
ages can participate by showing, trail riding, and spending time with their Peruvian Horse. Over
the time span of the Junior’s membership points will be accumulated.

A. Points can be accumulated through show participation which is automatically
tracked by www.horsestudbook.com, the online show program for NAPHA shows.

a. At the end of each year the Junior Member prints their show hours from
horsestudbook.com with their current year’s show participation and points.
This process is repeated each year until the Junior Member is eligible for the
NAPHA Scholarship Application. The scholarship committee will take into
account the age of the applicant along with the year this new qualification
was started.

B. Points can be accumulated through NAPHA Junior Horsemanship Program forms
that are available on www.napha.net.

a. Yearly until the Junior Member is eligible for the NAPHA Scholarship, the
junior can log hours spent with their Peruvian Horse on the Horsemanship
log. The scholarship committee will take into account the age of the
applicant along with the year this new qualification was started.

C. Junior Scholarship Applications are to be postmarked by July 31.

2. As previously approved by the Board of Directors when the Scholarship applications are
submitted to the Scholarship Committee the names of the applicants will be removed and
replaced with numbers.

3. Each Scholarship Committee member will review the categories of each application and rate
each category on a scale of 0-5.

Current Categories:

Autobiographical Essay
Copy of High School Transcript
Non-School Extracurricular Activity List
School Extracurricular Activity List
Activities with Peruvian Horses
Recommendation for Teacher or Riding Instructor

New Categories:
NAPHA End of Year High Point 6-17
NAPHA Horsemanship Program Participant 6-17
Overall Deserving Recipient of Scholarship

4. The Junior Scholarship Committee recommends more publication of the Junior Scholarship
Winner, i.e. in the National Show Program, NAPHA Web Site, and recognition per the announcer
during the National Show. The Scholarship Committee believes the more recognition the
Scholarship winner receives the more inspiration younger participants will have.

5. The Scholarship Committee suggest prize sponsored by outside donor @ no expense to NAPHA
and other recognition of the scholarship recipient from outside publications through the
recommendation of the committee.

6. JUNIORS page on the NAPHA web site. Juniors’ page would consist of Scholarship Application,
Horsemanship Forms, Year End High Point Awards, Show Rules pertaining to juniors, etc.

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In 2001, Ken and Linda Wrigley donated a nice gelding to be raffled off at the National Show to start the Scholarship fund. Six thousand dollars was raised which the Board of Directors of the PPHRNA (NAPHA’s predecessor) thought was enough to start. Terry Jarchow did the research into setting up the fund. She contacted several individuals and companies that gave scholarships to high school seniors and they all told her that they did it through the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation. The SBSF gives about $3 million in scholarship monies every year so she decided they knew what they were about so she went to Santa Barbara and asked them lots of questions. They couldn’t have been nicer and were very encouraging so she was able to design our forms with some help from them. Terry headed the committee the first year. Larry and Joy Redman and Dita Wolanow were our first committee members.

Various contributions have been made to the fund since its inception, but the major funder of Scholarships has been the All-Gaited Junior Benefit Horse Show, staged each year by Nola Giddings and our first scholarship recipient Kimberly Hall. Below is a brief history of our winners and their accomplishments.


Kimberly Hall was the first winner in 2002. She graduated from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Her major was Kinesiology and she is going to continue in nursing. Kimberly now serves on the Junior Scholarship Committee. Andrea delSolar was the second winner in 2003. She graduated from Mt. St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles majoring in Biology with the intention of becoming a vet. She is now studying pre-veterinary medicine in New Zealand and is loving it. She will start vet school the summer of 2009.

2004 – No applicants

Tessa Brown was the 2005 recipient. Tessa will graduate from Santa Clara University in June, 2009 with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Religious Studies. She has been inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon the National Honorary Mathematics Society and Alpha Sigma Nu the National Jesuit Honor Society. She will graduate Magna Cum Laude and it is her intention to apply to Medical School for 2010. She wants to take a break from school and will teach math for a year before entering Medical School.

2006 No applicants

Tiffany Evans was the 2007 recipient. She is attending Eastern Kentucky University, where she is majoring in business and communications.

Marissa Ditunno was the 2008 recipient. She is attending Central Oregon Community College

Junior Horsemanship Program

The NAPHA Junior Horsemanship Program encourages participation and recognizes achievements of NAPHA Junior Members as the next generation of owners and breeders of the Peruvian Horse. It is open to any junior member age 8 to 18.Juniors chronicle their own time and submit total hours of participation semi-annually.

Before sending to NAPHA, submission should be verified by NAPHA Governing Council Representative and Parent/Guardian of Junior. Program is conducted on the honor system. Junior is responsible for applying for awards through submission of information in a timely manner. Any Junior may participate in one or more of the listed activities and there is no requirement on the number of activities in which the Junior engages. To be considered, all forms must be submitted to the Texas office by January 10 of the following year.

Junior Horsemanship Log

Annual High Point Junior Award

Juniors must be NAPHA Junior Members at time of participation in class, in order to qualify for this award. Points will be counted in all classes restricted to junior participation.