Qualifications to Obtain a NAPHA Show Steward's Card

1) Must be a least 21 years of age.
2) No applicant will be considered for a steward's card if ever convicted of a felony offense or had any conviction for cruelty and/or inhumane treatment of animals.
3) Follow all rules defined to student judging/stewarding in the NAPHA Official Rules & Regulations of Horse Showing.
4) Complete this application and submit to NAPHA a non-refundable $50 application fee. Application will be valid for no more than one year to begin testing procedure.
5) Pass open book written test according to JAC requirements with a score of 85% or higher prior to student stewarding.
6) Submit "Request to Student Steward" Form to JAC and student steward one show under a NAPHA carded show steward, with a passing evaluation.
7) Attend a conference call with two NAPHA carded show stewards appointed by the JAC.
8) Each year, file the online renewal form.