The NAPHA National Show at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank was a resounding success! Exhibitors are very complimentary of the overall organization of the show and have touted it as “one of the best in years.” Exhibitors enjoyed a welcome reception on Thursday evening, a wonderful tapas, wine tasting and Peruvian art review on Friday evening, and a barbecue on Saturday afternoon with live music and dancers. Dinner was followed by a wonderful two-hour evening performance. The show was also attended on Saturday and Sunday by the Los Angeles Consulate General of Peru, Liliana Cino, who also helped present several year-end awards.

The NAPHA Board of Directors wishes to sincerely thank all of the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this such a memorable event. The board also wishes to thank all of our dedicated sponsors and exhibitors who were so enthusiastic about contributing to this highly successful show.

The National Show program has also been sent out to all of our members across the nation to enjoy. Show results will be posted shortly on the NAPHA website.


The 2014 Nationals will be held in Tunica, MS, as planned. At the request of members at the national show, the board agreed to reconsider the location of the 2014 show, due to financial concerns. Careful consideration was given to the request on the last conference call and a unanimous decision was made to not change the location of the show at this late date. The board is aware that having the show in an eastern location is a financial concern, however the goal of the organization is to be as fair as possible to all areas of the country and to try to grow membership, horse ownership and participation in NAPHA throughout the country.

The board has also previously agreed to try and move the national show around the country to give as many of our owners as possible the opportunity to participate.

The decision to keep the show in Tunica was made based on the following considerations:

A commitment made by the board based on a Regional Advisory Council (RAC) recommendation at the 2009 annual convention to rotate the show between three areas of the country; west, east and central. This was in keeping with NAPHA’s strategy to promote the breed in all areas of the country.

Concern expressed by the eastern clubs and RAC members that the board was reneging on its commitment to rotate the Nationals without first giving the east a chance to prove that they could support a successful show. Members in theeast have asked that they be given a chance to prove that they can support a profitable National Show. Should the show in Tunica in 2014 not be sufficiently financially successful, the commitment to include eastern locations in the show rotation would be revisited.

The reasonable cost of the Tunica facility when compared to other facilities of similar quality is a factor.

Most other desirable eastern venues were already booked. Some consideration was given to Memphis, TN, but given that Memphis is about 40 miles from Tunica, moving the show such a short distance would be counterproductive.

Funds for advertising the show in the greater Memphis area in order to draw spectators and create interest has been committed.

An active group of long-term members in the Tunica area are experienced in putting on shows and willing to serve on the show committee and work to make the show a success.

Mary Emmons, former executive director of the Paso Fino National Show, will work with the show committee to ensure that the show is successful. Mary was responsible for putting on the Paso Fino Nationals when they typically had more than 700 horses. Mary will work on managing the show as well as soliciting corporate sponsorships from sponsors who typically support other breeds’ shows.

An informal poll of eastern members indicated sufficient financial support for the show.
Deposits have already been paid to Tunica for the 2014 show and show-related activities.
The Tunica business community supports the show.

There’s potential for casino sponsorships and discounts for the show.
It’s an excellent location for an ACTHA ride, which would bring in more stall income and more spectators for the show.

2014 Annual Convention and Membership Meeting

The 2014 Annual Convention will be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Plans are to include an international judges’ clinic which will be open to all attendees. Stay tuned for more details.