Regional show committees may elect to use NAPHA assistance for drug test horses at their

shows. They may still use state testing or setup their own. The benefits are:

Easy to do

Lower cost – $100 for all NSAIDS or $175 for full panel of drug tests

Uniform testing and certified results

Quantitative retests as needed at no additional cost

Storage of backup samples at no additional cost

Assistance interpreting the results


The Procedure for Testing using NAPHA

1. Contact Tina Mewhinney by email or phone two months prior to the show. She will

have the UC-Davis lab ship collection tubes and instructions to the show steward or

show manager.

2. The show committee will hire a veterinarian to draw 4 tubes from each horse tested and

ship them to the UC Davis laboratory as instructed. The vet will not have to know what

analyses to ask for because the lab will know exactly what to do.

3. The show secretary will pay NAPHA for the number of horses tested at the show.

4. If there is a test that is above the allowed limit (therapeutic value), the laboratory will

immediately do a quantitative analysis at no additional charge.

5. The laboratory will store at least one vial of blood for contested results.

6. NAPHA will receive and pay the invoice from UC-Davis.

7. The laboratory manager will sent the results to Tina Mewhinney and she will contact the

show steward with the information.

8. If action is needed the show steward will contact the owner of the horse.

Revised Drug Rule- 10% of horses at the show will be tested up to a maximum of five horses

Tina Mewhinney – [email protected], 214.995.9379